I began reading science fiction when my mother, a true Renaissance woman, gave me her old sci-fi paperbacks. Every day after elementary school (instead of doing my homework), I sat outside until dusk, escaping reality, devouring the works of Simak, Clarke, Asimov, Bradbury, Heinlein, Brown and other Golden Age authors.

Science fiction lifted me out of my everyday life, introduced me to unforgettable characters, helped me think about people and problems in new and challenging ways, and, before the term came into vogue, blew my mind! Science fiction plots, characters, and narrative styles have no boundaries. They’re as unlimited as our imaginations. They offer writers infinite opportunities for creativity and unique explorations of the human condition. That’s why I love writing speculative science fiction. And it still blows my mind!

Writing Awards

  • First Place in Lynx Eye magazine’s Captivating Beginnings Contest.
  • Pushcart Prize nomination for the short story Flame Sale.
  • Willamette Writers Kay Snow Awards: Honorable Mention, Fiction. Third Place, Nonfiction.
  • Semifinalist in the Tucson Festival of Books Literary Awards Fiction Contest for the chapter entitled Cascadia from a forthcoming novel.