The Speed of Darkness—A Tale of Space, Time, and Aliens Who Love to Party!

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Jubilation sweeps planet earth after First Contact with extraterrestrials, the friendly and technologically advanced Djbrr—aliens with an attitude who love to party. Then catastrophe strikes earth’s greatest technological achievement, Grissom Base on Jupiter’s moon Io, and humanity faces a crisis of confidence. Earth’s top physicist responds, creating Excelsior, the craft he believes will travel faster than light, an achievement the Djbrr—like Albert Einstein—think is impossible. But the suspicious death of an Excelsior crewmember and an unknown scientist’s warning of hidden danger lurking behind the light barrier raise the question— Which is faster, the speed of light, or the speed of darkness?

Now available as an audio book!

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Mingus strolled down the Las Vegas strip and into Caesars Palace, cool confidence in every stride of his multiply-jointed legs, cockiness in the carriage of his egg-shaped torso, and a piercing gleam in each of his elliptical sky-blue eyes. Catching his reflection in one of Caesars's mirrored walls, noting his crushed red velvet tuxedo, mauve shirt, bright pink bow tie and matching cummerbund (“Rat Pack with a twist!” his personal tailor called it), Mingus thought he looked like Frank Sinatra, Sean Connery, or perhaps even Clint Eastwood. Still admiring his reflection, he squinted his eyes, raised one of his six arms, cocked thumb and index finger, and whispered, “Do you feel lucky? Well do ya punk?

Seventy-two hours later, Mingus left Caesars without a credit to his name. The crowd had disappeared, the girls were long-gone, and a dozen exhausted dealers had returned home to their happy families, thousands of credits in tip money richer. Where did my system go wrong? he wondered. Well, there would be time enough to fix it. And when he did, Mr. Caesar better look out! First, though, he had other business to attend to. After all, Mingus was the Hero of First Contact, the first Djbrr Nobel Laureate, the first Djbrr celebrity, and the Science Officer on Excelsior, the first faster-than-light starship!

What others are saying about The Speed of Darkness—A Tale of Space, Time, and Aliens Who Love to Party!:

The Speed of Darkness—A Tale of Space, Time, and Aliens Who Love to Party! will thrill readers who grew up reading classic science fiction stories about trips to outer space and inspire younger readers to consider checking out the works of Asimov, Clarke and other classic science fiction writers. Sobol's characters are vividly drawn and portrayed, and his writing is fluid and precise. This fast-paced and exciting story had me falling in love with hard sci-fi all over again, and I enjoyed every minute I spent reading it. Five Stars!

Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Sci-fi and satire team up for a marriage made in the heavens, a wild ride through time and space fueled by science, intrigue, murder and romance. At the controls? The heir apparent to Kurt Vonnegut’s universe, novelist Mendy Sobol.

Lisa Brownell, Author of the novel The Extraordinary Account of Sara Bramble

The Speed of Darkness—A Tale of Space, Time, and Aliens Who Love to Party! gives us science with a soul. Its gutsy, brainy heroines make darkness shine.

Alice Duffy, Psychotherapist

A great thing about Darkness—there’s real science in this fiction. Don’t worry, I checked!

Thomas Sylwester, Physics PhD candidate

A space odyssey that’s equal parts Douglas Adams, Herman Melville, and Stanislaw Lem, Darkness takes on high-level physics, fart jokes, political dysfunction, true love, and dark human obsessions, mixes them together on a starship and blasts off at light speed!

Tom Fagin, Outdoor Guide and Author of Tom’s on the Move

Beneath all the stellar storytelling, page-turning adventure, belly laughs and hard science, this book asks the ultimate question: can humanity resist the urge to do itself harm?

Geoff Henkle, Writer and Warcraft Raid Leader

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